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Civilians also have to face the issue of war crimes in certain occupations such as attorney. This is not a moot issue and legal ethics is the most difficult part of being a lawyer. I ruined my career by reporting misconduct to the ethics compliance officer of a foreign national who was put in charge of my plant. I was terminated 2 days after my report and have not been able to get a law job since the accurate reporting. The US whistleblower protection laws protect the politicians and CEOs in power and fail miserably to protect the whistleblower. Maj. Ian Fishback's death after reporting torture by the Bush administration is another example of retaliation against whistleblowers. You don't need a white horse if you challenge the powerful; you need a safety deposit box, firearms, and body armor. The US claim of moral leadership is rightly challenged by the rest of the world since the US fails to protect the whistleblowers in favor of the lies or curruption of the wealthy and powerful. Great lecture.

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