Feb 7 • 36M

Simon J. E. Drew: The Walled Garden

Plato's Academy Centre Podcast

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Join us as we explore the world of Greek classics and philosophy, and their relevance to modern life. Episodes published bi-weekly, featuring interviews with renowned authors and academics in the fields of philosophy and classics. Show hosted by Plato's Academy Centre, a nonprofit organization based in Athens, Greece.
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This episode features Simon J. Drew, founder of The Walled Garden podcast and community, and author of The Poet & The Sage.

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  • Simon’s podcast transitioned into community with Sharon Lebell, Kai Whiting and more modern day philosophy influencers in tow

  • The Poet and the Sage

  • Inspirations from Epictetus and Seneca

  • The early journey to Stoicism

  • The expanded journey to helping others learn to “live well”

    Events in The Walled Garden - The Walled Garden

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