Jan 10 • 10M

Eugenia Manolidou: Disrupting Me Stoically

Audio excerpt from Ancient Philosophy for Modern Leadership Virtual Conference

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This episode features Eugenia Manolidou, Head of Studies at Elliniki Agogi, School of Ancient Greek. This is an audio excerpt from Eugenia’s talk titled "Disrupting me Stoically" at the Plato’s Academy Centre virtual conference “Ancient Philosophy for Modern Leadership”.


  • How Eugenia became interested in the practical value of philosophy

  • How Plutarch’s On Tranquillity of Mind helped her

  • The Greek concept of euthymia in Seneca’s On Tranquillity

  • Christianity and Stoicism

  • Why “successful” people are sometimes still unfulfilled at the end of their lives

  • Taking charge of Elliniki Agogi — adopting a new perspective on teaching Greek

  • What it means to “Stoically disrupt” and reinvent oneself

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